Samsung Brawn Consulting

The Samsung Advantage is a portal constructed by Brawn Consulting to act as a home to all of our Samsung related product material and training courses. The purpose of this portal is to provide a dedicated space for easy access to Samsung ITD related product materials and training courses for Samsung distributors an authorized dealers.

Inside you will find product tutorials on Samsung large flatpanel display products including both LCD and plasma technologies as well as information about Samsungs class leading video wall technologies.

In addition to LFD tutorials the portal features information and training on Samsung MagicInfo proprietary digital signage software products.

Resident in the Samsung Advantage Portal you will find information on Samsung Projectors along with their many features and benefits.

The Samsung Advantage Portal is also home to Samsung University featuring numerous industry recognized training programs such as Customer Service Inside Out, The Fundamentals of Display Technologies and Turning on Digital Signage - all aimed at improving the business lives of Samsung distributors and authorized dealers.

Please contact your Samsung representative in order to gain access to the University.